Anhui Shun Xin Boyuan Ship Management Co., Ltd. is a shipping agent, maritime consulting service, ship management, crew training management and dispatch, freight forwarding, ship material distribution and a series of ship supporting services approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Labor Bureau and registered in Anhui according to law. Corporate qualification, company registration number: 91341500M A 2U 108X 43, was founded in 2019, Zhejiang headquarters was established in 2008. Located in the ancient city of Lu'an, Anhui Province, the company has registered capital of 10 million yuan!

  Since its inception, the company has always been aiming at safety, integrity, high quality and efficiency, taking the principle of creating high-quality brand and taking the road of characteristic development as its principle. The company's scale has been growing and its credibility has been improving continuously. It has made positive contributions to local economic development and has been consistently led by governments at all levels, the masses and the industry. Good reviews.
  Through the efforts of all our colleagues, our company has created and trained a crew with rich navigational experience, exquisite business skills, good dedication and service consciousness. At present, the company has established long-term cooperative relations with many domestic shipowners, ship management companies and some foreign economic cooperation companies. Now it has a group of excellent crew with type A, B and C certificates and nearly 300 quasi-seafarers who are going to graduate from school. It can provide shipowners with whole, half-set and scattered equipment for a long time. Equipped with containers, oil tankers, bulk carriers, tugs, grocery ships, bulk carriers, roll-on ships, refrigeration ships and other ship operations on global, offshore and coastal routes.
  _The company's external crew dispatched by pre-dispatch education and training, Post-Dispatch tracking management, highly praised and praised by the shipowner, all staff hard work, on the basis of doing a good job in safety management, open source and throttle, to ensure ship management and safe operation to provide a solid and powerful support and safety guarantee, for the shipowner's investment. Make the most profit.
  Our company has standardized and meticulous management system, and has formed a mature management system with its own distinct characteristics. The company adheres to the operating principle of "market-oriented, diligent and efficient, quality-oriented, benefit-first" and the service tenet of "shipowner first, credit first, quality service, safety and efficiency", and insists on providing high-quality services to shipowners and crew with an honest attitude and efficient work.
  _The company has strong self-development ability. All employees have the same ideas, goals, aspirations and unprecedented enthusiasm. The company is determined to make the company a first-class seafarer and shipowner service organization in the west of Anhui with all the efforts of the company in the future.